Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

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We believe in the power of coaching to support teachers in their implementation of best practices and improving student learning. PLC Coaching, provides real-time, job-embedded learning to teams and provides teachers the opportunity to maximize the potential of their greatest resource—each other.

PLCs can be the bridge between a school’s vision and individual teacher goals by helping create a shared team purpose. Aligning  the campus mission supports teachers and school leaders in implementing the new Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) with fidelity and productivity. Our Region 13 PLC Coaches have the right solution to assist with the process.

Get Results: An authentic and purposeful Professional Learning Community:

  • Impacts teaching practice as teachers become more student-centered
  • Empowers teachers to become continuous, life-long learners
  • Challenges the status quo and improves campus culture
  • Improves student achievement scores over time


We offer a variety of on-site, one-day workshops to assist PLC teams in creating a culture of learning and growth: PLC Foundations, PLC Recharge, Building and Maintaining Interdependent Teams, The PLC Cycle 1- Choosing Power Standards and Creating Common Formative Assessments, The PLC Cycle 2 - Collaborative Data Analysis and the new RTI. Customized PD Pricing is determined by the number of participants.

  • 1-25 participants = $2700
  • 26-50 participants = $2900
  • 51-75 participants = $3000
  • 76 + participants = $3400


Region 13 PLC Services can provide job-embedded, differentiated support for campus teams, instructional coaches, and district support staff through PLC coaching.

On-site, PLC Team Coaching:

  • Campus leadership, PLC teams, and Region 13 PLC coaches  collaborate to determine focus for PLC coaching support
  • Region 13 PLC coaches observe PLC teams and provide real-time feedback and next steps to move each team forward
  • Pricing for PLC Coaching: 1 coach = $825 per day 

On-site, Campus/Disrict Support:

  • Coaching PLC Teams – PLC Instructional Coaching Cohort: We provide on-site training for a cohort of district/campus instructional coaches that focuses on best practices for coaching PLC teams. Please contact us for pricing. 
  • Leading PLC Teams - PLC Leadership Cohort: We provide on-site training for a cohort of district and campus administrators that focuses on best practices for leading PLC teams. Please contact us for pricing.


To get your campus started in PLC coaching or for more information, contact the Region 13 PLC Coaches at


Elena Sammon
PLC Team Coach
(512) 919-5137

Angela Buckingham
PLC Team Coach
(512) 919-5137

Laura Varney
Program Assistant
(512) 919-5137