Community of Leaders

region 13 community of leaders

We created Community of Leaders to bring together school leaders like you- the kindest and the brightest in our field.  Together, we'll take on the challenge of improving learning outcomes for all our students. In short, we're committed not to just sharing ideas, but to collectively achieving results.

There’s no question it’s a different approach. And a new one, which may have a bit of a learning curve. We're seeking principals who care about improving 1) their own practice as leaders, 2)  the student outcomes in their school, and 3) the systemic outcomes of our field as a whole. We are in pursuit of shared expertise.

But principals can't do it all alone- instructional team members, teacher leaders, and district administrators play a critical role, too. That's why we've created a place for teams of leaders to learn together. 

Our specialists are veteran principals, leadership coaches, and learning specialists, and we're here to support you and your work. 


What You Should Expect From Community of Leaders:

  • Lunch & Networking:  Connect professionally with leaders who share a sense of responsibility to improve outcomes for all. 
  • A Practical Learning Session: You will return to campus with examples and tools ready to use.
  • A Problem of Practice: One team will present a current dilemma to push our thinking and develop our problem solving capacity.
  • Improvement Tools: We'll collectively develop and test tools for instructional leadership- and share data from our trials.
  • Give-aways and door prizes: Because we all love free stuff.



Community of Leaders is for educators who are ready to:

Create a strong and supportive school culture for students and for staff

Inspire belief in the potential of EVERY student to achieve at high levels

Develop great teachers committed to improving their instruction for all students

Use data to inform instructional decisions and for continuous improvement

Coach and grow talented teachers at every stage of their career


Our Network will host three luncheons in 2018-2019, as well as opportunities for school site visits and instructional learning walks.

Registration now open!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018:  Creating Student Cultures of Excellence  

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019 :   Increasing the Instructional Capacity of Your Campus to Meet the Needs of All Students

Wednesday March 6th, 2019   Every Teacher Wants to Work Here: Engaging, Motivating & Retaining Your Staff