Rural School Leadership Network

Connect. Collaborate. Transform.

We created the Rural School Leadership Network (RSLN) in collaboration with Region 13's Community of Leaders. We're bringing together principals and assistant principals serving children and families in our rural communities. Getting to Austin can be a challenge (that traffic, ya'll), so we're taking a different approach. 

The RSLN meets close to your home and school, and brings the experts, information, and tools you need right to your doorstep. Services for 2018-2019 will be available in RSLN West (Johnson City Area). Take advantage of joining the network with your neighboring districts.

What you can expect from attending our sessions:

Critical updates that keep you in the know: A-F Accountability & TEA Updates

Tools to foster effective instruction: T-TESS & Student Growth Measures

Implementation support for campus programs: CTE, Special Education, Restorative Discipline

What you need to support your students: School Safety, Substance Abuse, Child Nutrition

Targeted support for leading well: Networking, Problem-solving, and T-PESS-aligned skills


Throughout the 2018-2019 school year network members will receive:
Monthly on-site area professional development opportunities
Access to the private group for RSLN on Principal to Principal

Network Membership: $500 per person

Additional Seats: $50 per session

Contact Information: Dr. Millie Klein, 210-857-7940,