LOTE - Languages Other Than English

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       lote - excite, engage, empower               


Come learn how to make your LOTE classroom

a community of student centered learning! 

Save the date for the ESC 13 CIMA conference

on Oct 2nd and 3rd.  More info coming soon!

The 6 Goals of the OWL Methodology:

  • To use the second language 100% of the time
  • To not be afraid of a second language environment
  • To take risks and break down the filter (make mistakes!)
  • To be able to infer and circumlocute
  • To participate & be part of a community
  • To cultivate intrinsic motivation & student ownership

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"Assessment: Students Showing what they Can Do with the Language"

Access Key: assessment

"Transitioning to Proficiency Based Instruction"

Access Key: lote

"Authentic Resources: Transform your Lessons!"

Access Key: authres

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