Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat 2019 | June 19-20 | 9 am - 4 pm

This is ESC Region 13's exceptional learning opportunity designed for educators, parents, and others who work with children ages 3-21 with significant intellectual and low incidence disabilities.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN with 2 attendance options!

Attend In Person at ESC Region 13

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For full and virtual conference information along with sesssion descriptions and handouts as they are received from our presenters please visit our Beat the Heat website!


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2019 BTH Strands

Sessions in this strand should emphasize the effective use of behavioral management techniques with students.  Session topics here might include: Using visuals, Classroom organization, Teaching self-regulation, etc.

Sessions in this strand should assist teachers and others to improve their leadership skills and assist them in building better collaborations to serve their students.  Topics in this strand might include: Working with paraprofessionals, System supports, Data collection, Collaborative teaming, etc.

Sessions in this strand should focus on practical, effective strategies to improve a student’s communication skills.  Topics in this strand might include: Sign language, Augmentative and alternative communication strategies, Speech therapy in the classroom, etc.

Session in this strand should focus on successful classroom and instructional strategies.  Topics here might include: Literacy, Math, Social studies, Sex education, etc.

Sessions in this strand should focus on successful classroom and instruction strategies geared to all children ages 3-5.  Topics here might include: Circle time, literacy, etc.

Sessions in this strand should focus on successful strategies and practices around inclusion (especially beyond lunch, specials, and recess) that provide opportunities and access to general education peers/curriculum for students with intensive support needs. Topics might include: collaborating with general ed, modifying instruction in real time, meaningful inclusion and peer connections, utilizing paraprofessionals in the general education setting, my changing schedule, etc..

Sessions in this strand should focus on interventions that support sensory and motor development and readiness for learning.  Topics here might include: Adapted PE, Yoga, Self-regulation, etc.

Sessions in this strand should focus on evidence-based practices that result in a smooth transition from school to adult life.  Topics here might include: 18+ programs and services, College & career readiness, Futures planning, etc.

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