2014 Beat the Heat Handouts

PreConference - June 25, 2014

Beyond Behavior Management - Jeanine Fitzgerald

Goodbye Classroom, Hello Community: Building a Solid Bridge to Adult Life with 18+ Programs and Services - Vicki Mitchell

Integrating the iPad with AAC Modeling During Shared Storybook Reading and Play - Samuel Sennott

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Motoring through the Alphabet - Vicki and Randy Foederer

Classroom Organization - Ann Jacobson and Misty Terrell

Main Conference - June 26 & 27, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014 Friday, June 27, 2014

Keynote - Rachel Simon

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Circle Time Renovation - Maryteresa Tracy

Using Visuals with the SAMA Assisting Process - Maryteresa Tracy

Co-Teaching: The Best of Both Worlds - Carrie Dunn and Robin Stout

Systems to Support Sanity - Carrie Dunn and Robin Stout

I’ve Been STARred – Now What Do I Do?  A Teacher’s Journey through the Implementation of STAR - Felicia Robertson

Using Technology to Create a Language Rich Environment - Susie Tiggs and Cyndi O'Toole

Give Yourself a Hand: Using Sign Language in the Classroom - Cyndi O'Toole and Susie Tiggs

Behaviors for Building Trust - Nicole Bevilacqua

Speech Therapy in the Classroom; Collaboration is the Key! - Katie Adams

An Interdisciplinary Approach: Use of Core Vocabulary to Develop Language Skills Over Time - Jacque Trevino and Cristina Martinez

Fun Ways to Teach Concepts - Kathy Preece and Debbie Jackson

Fun Ways to Use Tar Heel Reader in the Classroom - Jayme Alexander

Building Literacy for Students with Cortical Visual Impairment and Other Neurological Disorders - Jayme Alexander

Active Listening and Unconditional Positive Regard: How Working in Prison Prepared Me for Life as a Transition Specialist - Valerie Connor

Facilitating Self-Regulation Skills in the Classroom: Getting to, Maintaining and Changing How Alert One Feels - Kellie Martini

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Snap, Crackle, Pop: A Multisensory Approach to Early Childhood - Sue Schnars

Collaborating through Conflict - Caroline Nelson

Quality IEPs:  PLAAFP to Goal Writing - Cathy Miller

Incorporating AAC Use in the Classroom - Incorporating AAC Use in the Classroom - Karen Vinson and Eleanor Thompson

Strategies for Assessing the Communicative and Cognitive Competencies of Young Learners with Multiple Disabilities - Phil Schweigert

The Rosedale TLC Project: “Life Is Not Learned in the Classroom” - Brian Miller and Angela LaGrande

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College and Career Readiness for Students with Intellectual Disabilities: A Panel Discussion About Options in Central Texas - Elizabeth Danner

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Roll into Reading with Literacy-Based Motor Activities - Deborrah Gauntlett, Diana Hiebeler, and Forrest Hancock

It's Not a Field Trip! Taking Your Classroom to the Community with CBI and CBVI - Elizabeth Danner

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Interactive Literacy Instruction for Primary Students with Autism - Theresa Overheim

Classroom Organization and Differentiation - Donna Weikart

Building a Team of Support - Cyndi O'Toole and Susie Tiggs

Reading and Language Intervention:  One Teacher’s Approach - Lynne Hyman

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Shared Predictable Chart Writing - Nichole Kertis and Ann Jacobson

Yoga for Stress Relief and Attention - Nichole Kertis and Ann Jacobson

Communication from Paper to Pads… iPads That Is - Jenny Dumas and Karen Vinson

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Behavior is Communication- Strategies for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities - Misty Terrell

Power up Storytime: Early Literacy Beyond Circle Time - Peggy Drake

Transition:  It’s Just Not for High School – How Our District Does Transition from PPCD to Life - Dawn Jennings and Susan Upshaw

Nurturing the Communicative Competence in Pre-Symbolic Learners with Significant Disabilities - Phil Schweigart

Understanding and Nurturing the Communicative Competence in the Emerging Symbolic Learner with Significant Disabilities - Phil Schweigart

Adaptive PE: A Structured Learning Environment - Bryan Rogers

Building Friendships: The Meaningful Relationships Project - Rebekah Aderman and Tanashia Stanton

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My First Language: Visuals - Griselda Neri

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Resources for Teachers of Students with Significant Disabilities - Lottie Tomko

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