S3-Supporting Students Struggling in Algebra 1

Welcome to our Region 13 Podcast Series: S3-Supporting Students Struggling in Algebra 1. Each month you'll get the opportunity to hear Virginia Keasler and JC Sanders discuss and share the ins and outs of how to best teach Algebra 1 to struggling students.

Left to Right: Virginia Keasler and JC Sanders podcasting the S-3 Algebra 1 series.

Episode 6: Best Practices Wrap-up: The Big Finale

An this the sixth and final episode of Supporting Students Struggling in Algebra I podcast, Virginia and JC take a look back over the first five episodes. They reflect on what they have learned from each of the guests and share more ideas for resources and implementation. Virginia also talks about her resource for Algebra I teachers, Mini-Interventions for Algebra I. JC and Virginia had a wonderful time producing each of the episodes in this podcast. Thank you for listening.


Show Notes & Transcript

1. Algebra I Mini Interventions: Quadratics, Exponential Functions, and Algebraic Methods

2. Algebra I Mini Interventions: Linear Equations and Inequalities

3. Podcast Transcript

Episode 5:  Developing Algebraic Reasoning in Students with Difficulties in Mathematics Including Students with Learning Disabilities

Dr. Diane Bryant, Project Director for the Mathematics Institute for Learning Disabilities and Difficulties in the Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk, joins JC Sanders and Virginia Keasler to take a close look at students with learning disabilities in Algebra classrooms. Episode 5 includes common characteristics of students with learning disabilities (LD) and their misconceptions about math processes. This podcast will highlight the latest research by Dr. Bryant and her team concerning approaches on building algebraic thinking and the benefits of these questioning strategies.

Show Notes & Transcript

1. Podcast Transcript

Episode 4:  Making a Difference in the Classroom Using Small Group Instruction in Algebra 1

Russell Larson, an Instructional Administrator at Elgin High School, joins Virginia Keasler and JC Sanders to explore why and how we can incorporate small group instruction in our Algebra 1 classroom. Episode 4 digs into a deep discussion about flexible, homogenous, and heterogeneous grouping and the importance of letting students be social while working out difficult Algebra concepts. The benefits of working in small groups are many and the podcast is loaded with where to start and how to sustain facilitated groups.

Show Notes & Transcript
1. Strengthening The Student Toolbox by John Dunlosky

2. Podcast Transcript

Episode 3: The Importance of Spiraling Prior Mathematical Concepts in Algebra 1

Content Coordinator for Mathematics for TEKS Resource System, Tamara Ramsey, joins Virginia Keasler and JC Sanders to discuss the benefits of spiraling mathematics concepts throughout the year in an Algebra 1 classroom. Episode 3 is centered on using vertical alignment of Algebra readiness concepts that may include examining prior grade level concepts to scaffold learning for students struggling Algebra 1. The conversation includes an exploration about why you spiral, how you spiral without taking up too much precious classroom time, and what you might spiral. Specific examples are used and resources are explored to help teachers.

Show Notes & Transcript
1. Region 13 Product Store to Algebra 1 Interventions

2. TEKS Resource System

3. Examples of Spiraling

4. Podcast Transcript

Episode 2: The Power of Studying Student Work: Formative Assessment

Dr. Debra Plowman Junk joins Virginia Keasler and JC Sanders to discuss her research interests which include children’s thinking about mathematics as well as teachers’ decision making as they develop lessons for problem solving. In Episode 2 they discuss how to formatively assess students’ understanding of problems by examining their work, listening to them explain, anticipating where students may have misconceptions and selecting student work to compare and scaffold ideas.

Show Notes & Transcript

1. Mathematics Assessment Project

2. Podcast Transcript

Episode 1: Using Algebra Tiles in the Math Classroom

Are you using Algebra Tiles in your math classroom? In this first episode, Region 13 Education Specialists Virginia Keasler and JC Sanders will explore why Algebra Tiles are an important tool for your students to experience in order to build a conceptual understanding of the abstract concept of Algebra. . Virginia and JC will also explore the research behind using manipulatives in your classroom and share with you free videos for how to teach using Algebra Tiles that can be found on the Region 13 Math website

Show Notes & Transcript

1. Tic/Toe/Board

2. Choice Boards

3. Low Prep Strategies for Differentiating Instruction

4. Podcast Transcript