Algebra Tiles: What They Are & How to Make Them


This video will introduce you to Algebra Tiles and will provide ways for you to implement these manipulatives for your classroom.  If you do not have Algebra Tiles, not to worry!  This video will show you how to make your own!

Algebra Tiles: Additive Inverse Property


To help your students with Algebra Tiles it is best for them to have a good grasp of the additve inverse property.  This video explains how to use Algebra Tiles to illustrate this mathematical property.

Algebra Tiles: Adding Polynomials


Do you need a new strategy for teaching adding polynomials?  This video illustrates a concrete method to help students understand adding polynomials using Algebra Tiles.

Algebra Tiles: Subtracting Polynomials


Now that your students are becoming proficient at adding polynomials, it's time for subtracting polynomials using Algebra Tiles.  

Algebra Tiles: Multiplying Polynomials


Hopefully with Algebra Tiles your students are doing well on adding and subtrating polynomials.  The next step is to multiply polynomials. In this short video gives you some ideas using a couple of examples with the tiles!

Algebra Tiles: Factoring Part 1


Factoring, one of the hardest concepts for students to understand. This first video will start with simple examples of factoring with Algebra Tiles.

Algebra Tiles: Factoring Part 2


Time for a bit harder factoring examples using Algebra Tiles.  Most students have problems understanding how the middle term was derived.  With concrete examples it will make more sense for your students.

Algebra Tiles: Factoring Part 3


In this last video on factoring we show an example that involves bringing in extra zero pairs in order to find the factors.  Factoring can be fun with Algebra Tiles!