Services and Training

Technical Assistance

  • Assist LEAs disaggregate data:
    • To identify focus areas for improvement;
    • Prevent over-representation of student population groups in special education; and
    • Reduce disproportionality of student groups in special education,
    • Consulting assistance and on-site visits.
  • Consultant Services
    • Assist LEAs create System of Support (SOS) Teams that will disaggregate data and develop an action plan to:
      1. Review policies, practices and procedures used in general education, including student support interventions such as tutorial, remedial, compensatory, response to intervention and other academic or behavior support services to reduce the number of inappropriate referrals of certain student groups in the special education program.
      2. Increase staff knowledge for teaching students from culturally & linguistically diverse backgrounds through specific professional development;
      3. Identify appropriate strategies and interventions for struggling learners before a referral for a special education program is made;
      4. Improve the quality of services provided to all students, particularly those students who have been traditionally underrepresented; and
      5. Improve the quality of campus student assistant team planning and evaluating intervention programs.


Region 13 offers workshops throughout the school year that focus on current best practices for Accessing the General Education Curriculum for all students.

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Provide training on the REAL (Responding Educationally to All Learners) modules, from the MDL Network, for ESC Region 13 clients. These Statewide Multicultural & Diverse Learners Modules include:

Specifically designed workshops available for school personnel in ESC Region 13’s Service Delivery Area.