Instructions for Lunch Menu Edits (in Microsoft Word)

1 | From the Menu Templates page, click on one of the month templates and save the Microsoft Word document to your desktop.

2 | Open the document in Microsoft Word, select the text, “DISTRICT NAME WILL GO HERE” and change it to the name of your district.

3 | At the bottom, you will see a box that says, “LOGO WILL GO HERE”. Import your district’s logo by going to the “insert” tab and selecting “picture”. Find your file and press Insert. Once it is on the document, go to the top of the screen under “Picture Tools: Format”, click “Wrap Text”, and choose “In Front of Text”. Place the newly formatted image over the “LOGO WILL GO HERE” box and delete that box.

4 | To enter the daily lunch menu, highlight “Text here” on each day of the week and type the menu. If all of the text does not fit, reduce the font size to nine or eight points.

NOTE: Users of the lunch menu documents may only edit text fields labeled “district name will go here”, “text here” and the logo image labeled “logo will go here”. All other content belongs to Education Service Center Region 13 and may not be altered.

Download templates here.