Identified Needs

The eight needs identified through the Statewide CNA include the following:

  1. Migrant first graders must develop sufficient skills for promotion to Grade 2.
  2. Migrant students who failed TAKS must participate in summer TAKS remediation.
  3. Migrant middle school students must use learning and study skills appropriate to learning.
  4. Migrant middle school students must have timely attention and appropriate interventions related to problems or concerns that are academically and non-academically related.
  5. Migrant middle school students must have the necessary homework assistance and tools at home essential for academic success.
  6. Migrant secondary students must earn the required core credits for on-time graduation.
  7. Migrant secondary students must make up course work they lack due to late enrollment or early withdrawal.
  8. Migrant students who migrate outside of Texas in summer months must be served in summer migrant programs through the efforts of interstate coordination.