Master Reading Teacher Certification Program

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Effective September 1, 2019, as mandated by House Bill 3 (HB 3), the State Board for Educator Certification may no longer issue new or renew master teacher certificates. In addition, master teacher certificates already issued will be updated to include the word “legacy” as part of the certificate title. The implementation of HB 3 will impact educator preparation programs (EPPs), candidates seeking master teacher certification, and current master teacher certificate holders.
Please note the following key changes:
• Texas EPPs currently approved to offer master teacher certification in any of the four areas (Reading, Mathematics, Technology, and Science) must complete all certification-related activities before 9/1/2019.
• Candidates currently enrolled in a Texas-approved master teacher preparation program must complete all requirements for certificate issuance (including passing the test and submitting a complete application for certification with EPP recommendation) before 9/1/2019.
• Master Teacher examinations must be taken and passed, and results must be reported to the educator, the EPP, and TEA in time to meet the before 9/1/2019 deadline for certificate application and issuance.
• Master teacher certificates already issued will not be eligible to renew at the end of their expiration date.
• Current master teacher certificate holders will be eligible for placement into appropriate teaching assignments as identified in 19 TAC Chapter 231, Requirements for Public School Personnel Assignments, through the validity period of their certificates.
• Once the master teacher certificate has expired, it will not be eligible for renewal and the educator that previously taught using that master teacher certificate would need to hold another certificate appropriate for placement in the assignment to continue in his or her current role.


The Master Reading Teacher certification program is open to any EC-12 Texas Teacher with a minimum of 3 years teaching experience.

The Region 13 Master Reading Teacher (MRT) certification provides training to teachers who desire to become skilled teachers in the best practices associated with improving reading instruction for all students. The MRT program offers:

  • Blended training (online and onsite) designed to prepare MRTs to implement reading instruction based on state standards and best practices for literacy.
  • Training provided by experts in the reading field.

          • Jennifer Johnson - Director of 504 Services and RtI; Comal ISD

          • Thea Woodruff, Ph.D. - The University of Texas at Austin

          • Alexis Juusola - Dyslexia support and MRT Field Supervisor; Region 13

  • Curriculum aligned with the Master Reading Teacher TExMat (exam).
  • Structured and sustained field support/visit throughout the internship year.


Top TEN reason to choose ESC Region 13 MRT Certification Program

10. Weekend and evening training to meet your busy schedule.

9. Affordable program fees paid through payroll deductions.

8. Training by experts in the field of reading from the central Texas area.

7. Classroom support by a Region 13 MRT Field Supervisor.

6. Curriculum to enhance your teaching and to help you to meet the reading needs of all your students.

5. Preparation for the Master Reading Teacher certification exam.

4. Online and face-to-face training based on state standards and best practices for literacy.

3. Online video platform to receive coaching and mentoring from your field supervisor.

2. Mentor other teachers on your campus to improve literacy school-wide.

1. Become a teacher leader on your campus.


MRT Certification Program is approved by the Texas Education Agency and is subject to any changes mandated by the State Board of Educator Certification as well as other necessary program adjustments.

Note:  All fees, rules and dates/times are subject to change and reflect information available at the time of posting – April 23, 2019.