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Thank you for your interest in the Education Service Center Region 13 Master Reading Teacher Certification Training (MRT).  We hope our website has been informative; however, if you still have questions or need further assistance please contact us by phone or email.

Chrissie Harsh
Program Assistant

Erica Garza
Department of Educator Quality Coordinator


Check it Out:  See what participants have said about the MRT Certification Program:

"Thank you for the amazing presentations, books and resources, opportunities to collaborate with peers in the field of reading. This was awesome!"

"Thank you all for the effort you put into making this such a productive learning experience. Your professionalism and expertise has made this one of the most valuable experiences I've ever had. I leave here a better teacher!"

"Ladies: I seem to see the presenters as one cohesive unit--I truly recognize their gifts but really still see the 'sum' of this instruction much bigger than the parts it was made of. Truly, this has been the most intense training I've ever had. And I am overwhelmed by the level of commitment to our class and hope to do the same for my own students."

"I was worried about the amount of money I was putting forth at the beginning but it was well worth it. This has been one of the best learning experiences I have had ever! I think all teachers should have to take this course! You all have put together a fabulous set of presenters and I feel blessed to be a part!"

"I would say that even though I have served as the reading specialist on my campus and for my district, the MRT Program enhanced the understandings I have about reading but more than that it took my awareness and professional capacity to a whole new level. I see and approach the entire continuum, all domains and competencies, with a much deeper understanding as well as a greater confidence to address most areas (even as that continues to grow). Each component was delivered in such a helpful, effective manner by the presenters and their expertise was invaluable. I will walk away with a renewed love for literacy and a confidence to utilize and share my own expertise. Thank you all."