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Welcome to Region 13's Resource Navigator.

Region 13 offers a treasure of programs, supports, and resources to meet the needs of educators- everything from first year teachers to district superintendents. No matter how long you've been in the field, or whatever role you serve, you can find the help and support you need!

Deciding which is the right workshop, product, or service can be overwhelming, but resource navigator can help.

How it works:

After your T-TESS or T-PESS conference, you will have identified one or two areas of practice where you wish to advance your skills. When you search our workshops, you can use the domain and standard from T-TESS or T-PESS to find those that best support your goals, or the needs of the teachers on your campus. When you look in our product store, you can select your role to see products just for you. And when you navigate our website, you can connect to service departments that offer many different on-site and ongoing programs that can grow your abilities.



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