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T-TESS Introduction Documents

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Resource Navigator Newsletters


Walk-Through Resources


Walk-Through and Observation Form


This print-friendly form can be used for recording walk-through observations and/or scripting notes for formal observations. It includes the dimensions and domains along the side as a convenient reminder to assist with evidence collection.

Walk-Through Form Creation Process


This process enables campus leaders to involve teachers or groups of staff in the process of creating a walk-through form specific to the prioritized needs of the campus. Participants will identify the T-TESS dimensions that are most critical to address individual, grade level/departments, and campus needs as a whole. Appraisers can choose to focus on key areas of the rubric for walks-through during each observation window rather than attempting to identify evidence for every dimension.

Automated Walk-Through System


Kelly Fitzgerald of Leander ISD created this instructional video demonstrating how to quickly and painlessly use Google forms and autoCrat to automate completion and sharing of walk-through observations with teachers. This integrated process is useful for districts using Google apps.


Archived Resources

Veteran Principals on Goal-Setting Conferences

Former Principals share their recommendations and advice to school leaders on how to maximize the benefits of T-TESS goal-setting conferences.

Leadership Coaching

An introduction to the benefits of coaching for school leaders. Stay tuned for updates on Region 13's Leadership Coaching program.


Visit the blogs at ESC Region 13, The Scoop, for content to share with colleagues.


The Teacher Toolkit is a free resource showing teachers how to use engaging classroom strategies that work!

The blog on the Advancing Educational Leadership page is a great source of leadership information.

For more detailed information regarding Appraisal Laws and Rules visit the TEA website.

The appraisal system is based on the current adopted Educator Standards.

For additional T-TESS tools and resources, visit the T-TESS homepage.