Custom Solutions

ESC Region 13 staff members are here to assist you in creating solutions for your professional development and support needs. We can work with you to design:

  • Professional development for groups on your campus or in your district.
  • Technical assistance for one-on-one or small group support.
  • Coaching services; Visit the Coaching Services page to identify and navigate to the coaching you need.

We have developed a pre-planning guide to help you make the most of your request for support. Our staff members are here to create dynamic professional development that meets the goals you and the teams you support have identified. Clear definition of goals, target audience, and desired outcomes mean you get exactly what you want from us.

ESC 13 Academic Services provides a wide array of specialized services. You may identify who to contact within Academic Services here.


Custom Solutions: Resource Navigator

Use this form to identify yourself and your specific, customized needs. Have you not been able to locate the resources or services you need? Let us know and we will contact you with a solution.

What types of information are you looking for? Help us help you by identifying any of the following concerns:

- Program Area / Topic
- Grade Band
- Type of support (Workshop, Assistance, Product, Resource)