What minimum entry requirements are needed to participate in the Principal Certification Network (PCN) program?

A valid Texas teaching certificate, two years teaching experience, a graduate degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and three years leadership experience.

If I don't have a master's degree, can I just get principal certification?

No. You must have a graduate degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher to be eligible for the program.

Can my university credits/courses transfer to the PCN?

No. The PCN is not a university program; therefore, we do not accept credit/course transfers. Our program is designed for individuals who already hold a masters degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher, who want to pursue their principal certification through an alternative route rather than a university program.

What is needed for completion of a standard principal certificate?

Successful completion of all program requirements, including attending all face-to-face sessions, completing all assignments, paying all program fees, receiving a favorable recommendation from your school district, and passing the TExES Exam and PASL.

What constitutes "Leadership Experience?'

Examples of "leadership experience" within the field of education may include department chair, grade level chairperson, team leader and membership on site based teams and committees. An example of leadership experience outside the realm of education is a management position which included the supervision of at least three other professional individuals.

Are all applicants who meet the minimum entry requirements accepted into the program?

No. There will be a screening process prior to acceptance. The screenings will focus on the applicant's status as to grade point average based on official transcripts, leadership and instructional experience, references, writing samples included in the application, satisfaction of State Board of Education entry requirements. Additionally, candidates participate in an interview.

Upon acceptance into the program, does Region 13 guarantee placement with a school district?

No. After acceptance into the Region 13 PCN, each applicant is responsible for securing his/her own employment with a public (or private) school as well as with meeting the district's eligibility requirements.

Is there an application deadline?

The application window for PCN 30, program year 2020-2021, will open December 2019. The application window will be open until an April close date. Check back for more information in December 2019.

Are face-to-face classes required, even in the summer?

Yes, face-to-face classes are required.  They're an integral part to ensuring you're prepared at a high standard for leadership opportunities and mastering the principal certification exam.  The summer classes also include highly specialized trainers and trainings that are not offered year-round.

Can I find out more about Region 13’s PCN program and how well it has been doing to prepare candidates for the principalship?

Yes, we encourage interested parties to review information regarding our program progress.  This information can be found on TEA’s website on the Consumer Information about Educator Preparation Programs:

What skills are needed to be a School Administrator?

Review the Necessary Personal Skills of an Administrator document.

What if I have a concern about the program?

The Region 13 Educator Preparation Programs encourage stakeholders to discuss their concerns with appropriate program personnel who have the authority to address the concerns. Concerns should be expressed as soon as possible to allow early resolution at the lowest possible level. Informal resolution shall be encouraged. If this does not resolve your issue, please follow our formal complaint process.   EPP Complaint Process and EPP Complaint Form

What if I currently or have ever been the subject of an arrest that has resulted in deferred adjudication, probation or conviction?

The Texas Education Agency rule requires that every individual applying to a Texas certification program be subject to a criminal record check.  Submission of an application authorizes the Region 13, Educator Certification Program (ECP) to obtain any existing criminal history records pertaining to you, the applicant.  Failure to disclose information may result in dismissal from the program.

Do you offer the TExES 068 Practice Exam to people not participating in PCN?

Yes. This test expires in 2019, so this will only be through the end of this year.  Email sarah.reuwsaat@esc13.txed.net for more information on this.

Is there financial assistance available?

A+ Federal Credit Union offers a Higher Education Loan for a financing option. Call 512-302-6800 ext. 6831 to apply or for further details, Monday-Friday 8am-7PM and Saturday 10am-1PM. Their website is: https://aplusfcu.org/educators/.

PCN is approved by the Texas Education Agency and is subject to any changes mandated by the State Board of Educator Certification as well as other necessary program adjustments.