Program Fees

Practice TExES 068 Exam now offered at Region 13 for those enrolled in a principal preparation program other than PCN; contact for more information.

*Note: All fees are subject to change without notice.

*Program Fees:

  1. Application Fee - A $100 nonrefundable application fee is required to initiate the application process.  (Due at time of application)
  2. Registration Fee - nonrefundable registration fee of $300 is required upon acceptance.  Those accepted into the program must return their registration form and pay the fee to reserve their space in the program.  (Due upon acceptance into the program)
  3. Pre-Program Fee - A nonrefundable training fee of $1,500 is required. Fee will be due as follows: $750 due on or before June 1st and $750 due on or before July 1st.
  4. Program Fee - $750 per online module. The Program Course Fees for the online modules are due upon online registration for each of the 9 individual courses/modules and 1 additional module that serves as a TExES review session. Required textbooks are the responsibility of the individual and are not included in the program fees/costs.

Additional Fees paid to other agencies:

  • TEA Technology Fee - This fee is paid to TEA for each individual admitted into a certification program.  (This fee is included in the program registration fee and will be submitted to TEA by the program.)
  • TExES Principal Examination Fee - Upon completion of the program the cohort is responsible for the examination fee.
  • SBEC Certification Application Fees - The individual is responsible for paying the Intern, Probationary and Standard Principal certification application fees *($78 for the intern/probationary and standard certification), upon acceptance into and, successful completion of the PCN program. *SBEC sets these principal application fees. SBEC fees are subject to change without notice.

PCN is approved by the Texas Education Agency and is subject to any changes mandated by the State Board of Educator Certification as well as other necessary program adjustments.