Technical Assistance

On-site technical assistance is available for school personnel in Region 13's Service Delivery Area. Please contact Nichole Kertis Barton by email at or by phone at 512-919-5246.

OT/PT Leadership Network

This network consists of one occupational therapist and one physical therapist from each district or cooperative in the region. These regional leaders meet quarterly for the purpose of discussing best practices in the educational setting. Please contact Nichole Kertis Barton by email at or by phone at 512-919-5246 for more information. A list of this year's meetings with registration information can be found on the Meetings and Materials page.

Related Services Resources in Library at ESC Region 13

In an effort to better serve our clients at ESC Region 13, we have upgraded our library software and have incorported some of the books and materials of interest to OTs and PTs into our collection. These materials are available to school district personnel through our online Library at ESC Region 13.  Examples of some of these materials can be found on this listing: Related Services Resource Listing. Many collections from around ESC Region 13 are in the library, including our Assistive Technology Equipment collection.