We host a series of RtI workshops at Region 13. These are half-day workshops covering topics related to RtI. This year we're tackling entry and exit criteria, leadership and school structures, formative assessment, progress monitoring, interventions for reading and math, and tiered behavior interventions.

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Our RtI Team training is a year long program that helps your teams implement and improve their RtI on campuses. It includes:

  1. 1 Day of Team Training at Region 13 on August 10th, 2018
  2. 1 Day of follow up RtI Team training at Region 13 on October 18th, 2018
  3. 4 Professional Development sessions for members of the RtI team.
  4. 1 Day of RtI Team Training at Region 13 on May 22nd 2019 to evaluate student progress in order to make decisions for the 2019-2020 year.
  5. Access to the Rti Network which meets quarterly and receives RtI Updates via email regularly.

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A Two-day conference on October 29th - 30th exploring everything related to Response to Intervention. Including guest speakers, breakout sessions, and panel discussions.

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Quarterly meetings discussing all things RtI. We provide updates, resources, tips, and strategies and it's completely free to attend in person or online.

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