Observation Tools for Administrators

Evaluating the quality of instruction in a pre-k classroom can sometimes be a challenge. The Texas Professional Development Appraisal System (PDAS) spans a wide range of grades and sometimes it is difficult to know what a specific domain looks like in an early childhood environment. The PreKindergarten Observation Forms were developed by Region 13 to assist administrators in collecting data during walkthroughs and classroom observations of center time and read aloud, math, and small group lessons. We've also designed an Observation Form for principals to use when reviewing pre-k lesson plans. These forms highlight best practice and research based approaches that exemplify high quality pre-k instruction.

The forms are data collection tools only, but they can be used to inform the teacher appraisal system. These checklists are designed to capture a snapshot of a teacher's instruction during a single observation. Please note that when using the read aloud, math, and small group lessons Observation Forms, you should not expect to see all items on the checklists during a single visit, even in a classroom that exceeds expectations. Administrators are encouraged to use these tools multiple times throughout the school year to view a variety of practices.

Austin ISD, Manor ISD, Del Valle ISD, Pflugerville ISD, E3 Alliance, Success by 6, and Region 13 collaborated to create the following tool.