Ready, Set, K!


Ready, Set, K! is a developmentally appropriate tool for Pre K teachers that provides benchmarks, assessments and instructional strategies based on TEA's Pre-K Guidelines, TEKS, and best available research.

The assessment is systemic and ongoing, allowing teachers to gather valid and reliable data on their students over a period of time in order to inform their instruction.

We offer Ready,Set,K! as an online tool that can improve the quality of early childhood programs. The tool empowers teachers to gather more accurate student data through authentic assessment, group children for differentiated instruction, and align their teaching with the Pre-K Guidelines. Ready,Set,K! helps strengthen connections between assessment, planning, and instruction – cornerstones of best practice in early childhood education.
What can you do with Ready,Set,K! ?
  • Monitor student progress.
  • Identify gaps in Tier 1 instruction.
  • Group students for Tier II intervention.
  • Provide timely and meaningful feedback to families.
  • Measure child progress on the Pre-K Guidelines through a completely integrated report card system.
  • Compare data across students, teachers, and campuses.
  • Export data in CSV and TEDs compliant XML. (As required by ECDS)
Account access includes:
  • A one-day 6-hour training for NEW users. (Basic)
  • A one-day 6-hour advanced training for teachers already familiar with Ready, Set, K!.
  • Access to seven webinar trainings designed to help teachers use the tool effectively.
  • Helpdesk support via e-mail or phone.
  • Access to sample student portfolios, data collection, checklists, and other supportive resources.


We provide 2 levels of support for the Ready,Set,K! program and online tools:

  • Basic On-Boarding Support: A full-day training designed to give first-time users an overview of the Ready,Set,K! program. Participants will leave with a solid foundation in the innerworkings of program tools and their use.
  • Ready,Set,K! in Practice: A full-day devoted to guiding teachers in the implementation of the Ready,Set,K! program and online tools. Participants will design a scope and sequence to ensure program tools are utilized and implemented with fidelity.

It is recommended that both trainings be provided to teachers new to the Ready,Set,K! program, while teachers already familiar with the program may benefit from participating in the Ready,Set,K! in Practice training as a standalone workshop.

Ready, Set, K! content was developed by central Texas early childhood educators led by E3 Alliance and ESC Region 13 and is offered through a district commitment form.

Pricing and sign-up details can be found in our FAQ.