Below please find lists of upcoming online and face to face workshops.
We can also provide training onsite for your district or agency on staff development days,  after school, or during the summer.  Click below for a list of workshops we can provide.

Workshops that can be presented onsite at your district/agency

Online Workshops

2019-2020 Early Childhood Workshops 

Workshop # Date Title

 9/25/19  11/3/19

Distinguished Speaker Series: (2 day workshop)          Making Mindfulness Work in the Pre-K-3rd Classroom with James Butler

FA1941227  9/10/19  Early Childhood Leaders Meeting 2019                      
FA1941228  10/8/19 10/22/19 CIRCLE Training - Fall 2019
FA1941894 11/12/19 Early Childhood Leaders Meeting 2019
SP2041895 1/14/20 Early Childhood Leaders Meeting 2020
SP2041232 1/20/20 2/25/20 CIRCLE Training - Spring 2020
SP2041233 3/3/20 4/6/20 CIRCLE Training - Spring 2020

SAVE THE DATE!                                                       Distinguished Speaker Series 

SP2041896 4/14/20 Early Childhood Leaders Meeting 2020
  8/5/20 8/6/20 8/7/20

SAVE THE DATE!                                                       Distinguished Speaker Series (3 day workshop)




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