Strategic Instruction Resources

Our specialists create resources that are custom-created to make teachers' lives easier and more efficient.


  • Engagement Activities Ebook

    Engagement Activities Ebook

  • Academic Conversations Sentence Starters

    Sentence Stems for Academic Conversations

  • Writing for Short Amounts of Time

    Writing for Short Amounts of Time

  • Emoji Check for Understanding

    Emoji Check for Understanding

  • Self Questioning Guide

    Self Questioning Guide

  • Anticipation Guide

    Anticipation Guide

The University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning

Researches at the Center for Research on Learning have developed the Strategic Instruction Model, a comprehensive approach to adolescent literacy that addresses the need of students to be able to read and understand large volumes of complex reading materials while expressing themselves efficiently in writing. We use SIM in many of our workshops.

Response to Intervention at Region 13

Our team also heads the Response to Intervention efforts at Region 13. Response to Intervention is framework that addresses the needs of all students through a continuum of services. It provides high quality instruction and tiered intervention strategies aligned with students' individual needs.