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TEKS Resource System

The TEKS Resource System was formed to help schools operate in a way that allows teachers to do what they do best ­ educate students. By providing schools a resource aligned with what the state of Texas has determined students are expected to learn (TEKS), teachers can spend more time focusing on students and improving the learning environment in schools.

The TEKS Resource System is a comprehensive, customizable, online curriculum and assessment management system. The content includes curriculum components and assessment items aligned to the most current versions of the State Board of Education­adopted TEKS for each of the core subject areas (i.e., K­12 Math, Science, ELAR, and Social Studies), including:

  • TEKS Verification Documents
  • TEKS Clarification Documents
  • STAAR Item Analysis
  • Instructional Focus Documents, including:
    • Unit Vocabulary
    • Unit Misconceptions
    • Overarching and Unit Understandings
    • English Language Proficiency Standards
  • Vertical Alignment Documents
  • Concept Trees
  • Year at a Glance (Scope and Sequence)
  • Assessment Resources, including:
    • Unit Performance Assessments
    • Unit Assessment Item Bank
    • Assessment Creator
    • Formative Spiral Reviews (K­8 Math)