Turnaround Leadership Development Program

The Turnaround Leadership Development Program at Region 13 provides high quality training, coaching and support to prepare leaders for work in turnaround schools. Turnaround Leadership is defined as: “a dramatic and comprehensive intervention in a low-performing school that produces significant gains in student achievement within two academic years.” (Mass Insight Education & Research Institute, 2007)-The Turnaround Mindset: Aligning Leadership for Student Success 2011 Fairchild & DeMary.  Research suggests that high quality selection, preparation, training and leadership development and coaching is necessary for success.

To be eligible, applicants:

  • Must be candidates in a principal or superintendent certification program or are already certified administrators
  • Hold a valid administrator/mid-management or teacher certification
  • Have experience or strong desire to work in low-performing schools

2018-2019 application window is now closed.  Check back in May 2019 for information on the 2019-2020 application window.

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Benefits Include:

  • Well-established programs for training aspiring administrators
  • A cohort model based on best practices for networking and sustainability in turnaround leadership
  • User friendly blended delivery (face-to-face and online) program for working professionals
  • Curriculum that is developed and led by experienced and well trained administrators
  • Curriculum that is fully aligned with the Turnaround Leadership Competencies
  • Opportunities to develop personal strengths for leadership
  • Opportunities for feedback on leadership through BEI and 360 Assessment Data
  • Turnaround Leader Endorsement (insert attachment here)
  • Earn 54 hours to use toward your continuing education credit

What Participants Are Saying

TLD gave me an opportunity to pause and reflect on my leadership strengths and underdeveloped areas.  The Behavior Event Interview (BEI) was a game changer for me as an instructional leader.  The tool was used to evaluate my baseline leadership skills and provide a guide on professional growth!  It has helped create high-growth in my school.
2018 Turnaround Leadership Development Participant

This year, my school made notable gains in student achievement.  I highly attribute this success to the guided review and reflection activities of my Action Plan development along with the ongoing support of my Coach.
2017 Turnaround Leadership Development Participant

Justification Letter Available

Need assistance in educating your supervisor on the explanation and benefits of funding your participation in this program?  Use this justification letter.

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