How can TxBESS help my district? Why should I want teachers away from their classrooms to attend training?

Beginning teachers who are mentored by TxBESS trained teachers stay in the profession longer. Therefore, hiring costs are reduced. It costs about $3000 a year to support a beginning teacher and $8000 a year to replace a beginning teacher. It also increases your ability to promote campus initiatives by building a stable faculty. Finally student learning is increased when they have teachers with significant teaching experience.

We assign mentors to new and beginning teachers in our district, but we really don't have a formalized mentoring program. Can we still participate in TxBESS?

Yes, TxBESS can help assess your district mentoring needs and help facilitate planning towards formalizing a mentoring program for the district. Training for your mentors would be a first step in formalizing that mentoring program.

Does TxBESS focus only on beginning teachers and mentors?

No, TxBESS believes that in order for beginning teachers and mentors to be successful they must have the support of the campus administrators. TxBESS offers principal training and encourages districts to participate in an administrative book study, From First Year to First Rate.

Who is considered a beginning teacher?

A beginning teacher is considered a "new to profession" teacher. In other words,
a teacher in their first year on the job.

What is the cost of my participation?

Cost of training sessions varies per session. See Trainings.

Do we have to be part of Region 13 to participate?

No, any service center can benefit from our services.

What if I miss a training session? Will they be offered again during the year?

If a portion of a training session is missed, the participant is responsible for making that absence time. At this point in time, we are not certain whether more training sessions will be offered throughout the year. If there is a significant demand, we will make the appropriate accommodations.

What does it mean to become a certified TxBESS mentor?

To be certified as a TxBESS mentor means that you have been trained to conduct formative assessments on a beginning teacher and you are skilled in coaching beginning teachers to success.