Workshops - TxBESS

Title II funds may now be used to pay for these trainings!

TxBESS is designed to provide systemic support for beginning teachers in their first and second years on the job. It is part of a coherent, standards-based system that begins with the state student standards and continues through pre-service preparation, induction, and in-service professional development. Beginning teachers who receive TxBESS support attain greater professional expertise more quickly than unsupported beginning teachers. This support can also lead to higher academic achievement among Texas students.

Training is designed to help newly selected mentors in their role working with new teachers. It is also effective for certification programs and district personnel looking to implement or improve their own induction program using the TxBESS model.

Day 1

is designed to provide an awareness of TxBESS and effective mentoring. The following will be addressed:


  • Overview of TxBESS
  • Qualities of Effective Mentors
  • Understanding the Beginning Teacher
  • Building the Mentor-Beginning Teacher Partnership
  • Introduction to the TxBESS Performance Standards

Days 2 and 3

 are designed to advance the understanding of best practices for mentoring and coaching. The following will be addressed:


  • Working with TxBESS Performance Standards
  • Gathering evidence to help the beginning teacher reflect on his/ her practice
  • Using the TxBESS Activity Profile (TAP) as an assessment tool for observing and giving feedback to the beginning teacher
  • Developing an action plan for the beginning teacher

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