Description of Support Services

Region 13 has always been an unofficial source of technical support to its Internet Access Service Customers.  Due to many requests and much interest, we’ve added a more in depth service to better support those district’s needs.  Our goal is to help districts by providing expertise, and or supplementing the expertise already in house. The purpose of this document is to help draw a distinction between what we provide for free, and what needs to be provided through an upgrade to our Priority Technical Support Services.

Standard Support

Includes support and troubleshooting for problems that cause an internet access issue for a district and is a part of the Region 13 Internet Access Agreement.  Included but not limited to, the network edge (firewall/router/switch), web-filtering, DNS servers, and any network connectivity problems.  In addition, when time allows, Region 13 support personnel will be happy to advise and help with basic internal questions.  When more in-depth support is required, our Enhanced Technical Support Services is available.

Examples of Standard Support include, but are not limited to, the following scenarios:

  • Any issue causing an internet outage or slowdown for the district.
  • Web content filtering and DNS issues.
  • Brief phone call for advice or troubleshooting of any technical problem
  • Email support not requiring immediate response or time sensitive reactions
  • Light management of cloud hosted services such as Google and Meraki changes
  • Network Analysis
  • Technology Advice

Priority Technical Support Service

This service is designed for districts who need the attention of an IT professional on a regular basis, to help with technology projects, desktop support, and the support of all other related technology.  Please note that we cannot be experts in every solution, and there may be times that we need to refer you back to the vendor or product support team.

Examples of Priority Technical Support Services, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Project planning, purchasing, implementation, management
  • Server or internal network troubleshooting, maintenance and configuration
  • Internal Wireless configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Desktop support “Windows”
  • Enhanced monitoring of critical district servers/services