The Children's Internet Protection Act ( "CHIP") has been in effect since April 20, 2001. Region 13 provides the filtering technology with TXED services for Internet access that satisfies the requirements set forth by CHIP. Information regarding the functionality or the categorization of blocked content can be provided upon request.

The Filtering solution that we provide is Netspective.  This product is currently filtering traffic that passes through the Region 13 network core, though districts may request that their traffic bypasses this solution.  The licensing for this solution can also cover district purchased on premises Netspective hardware.

On premises filtering hardware (placed inline) allows the district to more thoroughly filter their district’s network traffic.  Please reach out to Damian Power for a pricing quote.  Region 13 will continue to provide filtering at our core, but this upgrade is highly recommended.


Firewall Support

Region 13 recommends PFSense firewall/routers, based on the functionality and cost.  We have extensive experience with the capabilities and can recommend hardware, or build and configure a firewall for your district (no charge for TXED customers).  PFSense also allows us to better manage your traffic through the tools included in this solution.  Visit www.pfsense.org for more info.


Network Monitoring

Part of the day to day operations of the Network Operations Center include the monitoring of district routers and Internet bandwidth. District utilization graphs are available upon request that show traffic patterns over time.


Network Assistance

All TXED members are eligible to receive free technical support concerning network related issues. Technical support is provided over the phone, and in some cases involve a site visit. Region 13 staff can also assist with larger technology projects for an addition fee.  Please see our description of Support Services page for more information.  Please visit our Support Access page for more info.